Ramblings-While considering the cost of my freedom

While giving some thought to what this weekend holiday actually means, I was considering my freedom and at what cost it was given to me.

Probably the greatest gift in the world is the freedom so many military have fought and died for so that we can live safely and in peace. I still find it amazing that people fought and died for me. Who am I that they cared enough to fight for me? They showed me so much love and respect as to hold my freedom dear. Not only have they sacrificed for me, but for all of us in this country as well as other countries.
You only need read about or visit other countries who do not share our values to know what freedom really means. It evokes such pictures to be brought to mind as our flag, the battleground and all those troops that are fighting many things besides the enemy to remain faithful to their job. This powerful word can chase shivers up and down your spine. It can make you start to melt as you fathom the caring of one man for another man.

We know of the ultimate sacrifice endured when troops give their lives for their beliefs, but what of the sacrifice of those who make it home? Many come back physically and mentally broken. They are unable to sleep because horrid dreams won’t let them. They are unable to socialize and even keep a job. Many cannot resume a normal life because of what they saw and what they were expected to do as part of their job. We must accept this problem and address it since so many need physical medical treatment and psychological help. We have vets who gave up everything to protect us and now are homeless. What kind of country treats their heroes that way?
Those that made it home offered so much to protect us, they gave up being close to their loved ones and they and their families gave up any semblance of a normal life in order to keep us safe.

Every war has had its casualties, but it seems these most recent ones have resulted in so much more damage for so many that it sets itself apart from the others. There is no good personal result of war among those fighting it, only the monumental accomplishment for the country and its population.

We must continually honor our military personnel since they do jobs many of us would never dream of doing. We must show appreciation for all they put aside like education or great jobs to work for us and keep us safe.

This weekend as you stop to memorialize those who gave their lives, think about all who gave so much of themselves that they may not have anything left to give anyone anymore. They deserve are undying gratitude.


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