Random and personal thoughts: Even the little bit you do matters to others!

My husband and I run the football booster club in our area and I get somewhat discouraged when I feel like others do not value this effort, not looking for praise, but just more cooperation. In today’s world, I don’t know anyone who is not busy. Everyone is stretched so thin and trying to balance so many plates, they have nothing left for these organizations and clubs they feel they must be involved in. I personally feel that everyone who places their kids in sports or clubs should expect to help support those organizations.

Every club needs support, financially as well as volunteering. In order to do a fair job of making the most of the organization, it requires many events and lots of work. Each person should feel a responsibility to help out once in a while if not more often. ‘Many hands make light work.’

At the bottom of this problem, which almost any club supporting sports or other groups can attest to, is the fact that almost no one has time or is willing to help with events. You find the same few people volunteering over and over again. The few do it all while the masses seem to benefit by those efforts. This seems exceedingly wrong to me. If you have kids participating, you should be part of the work as well.

I wonder if the average person can see the forest for the trees and realize a small effort still helps. If you can hang one flyer or sell one ticket, it helps. When you work a 1/2 hour of an event, it is better than nothing. If an event lasts for hours and everyone takes a portion of it, all succeed and the event produces great results. With a couple people trying to do it all, much gets done badly or not at all.
Many of us are all or nothing types of people. We think we must produce an event of epic proportions and yes, that is me. But, if everyone believes in a cause and does whatever little bit they can do, it can happen. The event can be a larger production with better results.

Frustration makes me examine this problem more intently and try to figure out a way to harness the people power even if it comes in dribbles and dabs. More people mean a broader array of ideas. It means the tiny, but important details don’t get ignored. Yes, I tend to overdo it and overreach my capabilities, but with good intent. I want everything I attempt to do to be the best it can be. Doesn’t everyone?



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