Powerful words used to make you react

There are words that evoke strong feelings. No matter how you use them, in whatever context, when heard or read they produce very strong feelings in most people. These loaded words are important to anyone trying to make an emotional connection with you for a purpose.

Greeting card makers have already tapped into this concept and for anyone receiving a mother’s day card yesterday knows, it is emotional. Before you even get to the personal sentiments added by the sender, I usually have tears starting. The better the person chose, the weepier I can become. Maybe I’m just too sentimental or too dang old. Hallmark really has this down pat. Such words as LOVE, MOTHER, special person or other adjectives to describe you are used with great results.

You know who else have learned to use this fact that some words are so strong that they can tap into that emotional side to sell you something. Those advertising insurance can produce guilt, doubt and discomfort when they talk about leaving your FAMILY without enough money. They add LOSING YOUR HOME and you’re signing on the dotted line.

Slick sales people are abetted by fiercely competitive advertising folks who test out words and phrases to make you wish to buy something. When cars become Youthful or Sexy, you have already bit the dust. Anything that touts NEW and SHINY works the same way, our resistance is low and we are programmed to want whatever it is that is NEW and SHINY.

Nowadays, HEALTHY or LOW Fat almost has the same appeal. It is often misleading and untrue, but those of us struggling with weight or health issues immediately find comfort in the fact that we purchased such a labelled item.

The politicians know how to throw around these explosive, mind changing words as well. They may truly be the experts at it. With them, the words chosen are often COUNTRY, FLAG, FREEDOM and MILITARY. These are all powerful words.

The organizations that ask for donations or money use words like HOMELESS, STARVING CHILDREN, PUPPY MILL DOGS or CANCER, or ABORTION. These words tend to wake us up from any apathy we might have been entertaining. Suddenly, if they have done their job, we are up and acting to relieve some type of suffering.

There really is nothing wrong with these people all using strong words since many are for good causes and often the words do persuade us or change our mind.

Writers should also capitalize on words that evoke feelings and bring about emotional responses. So what words would you include in the emotionally laden vocabulary?


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