Moms- they are much more than we know

Everyone knows that moms are love; they are filled with caring and would do most anything for their children. But moms are so much more.

I have always believed that moms set the tone for the whole family and her attitude is what guides the other members as to how they should act and feel. The family happiness is gauged by how happy the mother of the house is every day. Sometimes the job is challenging, when other family members do not exhibit her example or are too stubborn to follow her lead.

Without a doubt, moms are the glue that keeps family together and she only relinquishes this role if it is forcefully taken away from her. She makes amends for all the other people in her family. She creates a consistent, organized style of life even when chaos reigns and everyone else seems too troubled to make intelligent decisions.

Mom is the one who decides the standard of morality and sometimes spirituality. She is often the driving force that initiates church attendance or prayer. She sometimes can be the moral compass that everyone in the family needs but, won’t adopt for themselvesImage.

The role of moms includes planning trips, holidays, celebrations, parties and making sure no one is forgotten or left out. She decides on themes for parties, decorations for holidays, gifts for everyone and who should get invitations or cards. She remembers dates and places, times and events.

We all know moms are super heroes in disguise since they keep longer hours and do more in a day than is humanly possible. They juggle work, home, school, extracurricular activities, family and whenever possible, a social life. They are the busiest people and yet everyone believes they have time and energy to do even more.

Relying on mom is just what we do. We expect them to know where every single thing we need is located and surprisingly they do. We imagine they can be well versed on everything from algebra, insect bites and how to make a volcano. We know they are the ones with everyone’s phone numbers and addresses, e-mails and passwords. They are the keepers of the money, the keys, the snacks, the pet brushes and anything that will readily fit in their purse when you are out and about.

Moms are often short changed in the respect they receive. They often get short shrift when it comes to rest, relaxation or sleep. They will not take the last piece of cake or the only chair in the room until they know everyone has had their share.

Moms are often unsung heroes and one day of honor seems much too little to do justice to the beings we call ‘moms.’We all love our moms and want to make them happy, so please when you celebrate Mother’s Day do not forget the best gift of all, tell them you love them.

They are not here forever, I know my mom was taken home last August. So before God recalls these angels back to heaven, where most of them rightly belong, be sure to treat them the best you can. Be there for them as they were always there for you. God Bless Moms!


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