Thinking out of the box-ordinary need not apply!

One thing I pride myself on is being creative. My imagination helps me in everything I do. I may not be any more imaginative than the average writer and I am sure I am much less than many, but having a creative streak means you try for the unusual, bizarre, unique take on things. It means your imagination drives your story, develops your characters and sets your scene in a place never before experienced.

Right now, I’m busy with producing and organizing a silent auction for the local football booster club. I find myself racking my brains to come up with some more unusual items to bid on. Yes, we will have gift cards and gift baskets and a variety of items in every price range, but the different or unusual items are what will bring more money for the club.

Whenever you spend time looking for new ideas or brainstorming, it seems to feed your mind and additional and different thoughts start to formulate. This is very encouraging since so many things have already been done in so many ways when you consider writing. We are all looking for that special story, that earth shattering thought or the idea that means success. Even if we are writing for ourselves alone, we want to produce something creative and never done before. That is a huge mission.

Keeping your mind ‘tuned up’ is vital and we should all be protecting the mind and keeping the brain healthy. We can use a wide variety of puzzles, games and optical allusions. There seems to be more senility and dementia than ever before and so if you wish to not lose it, as the saying goes you must use it.

Practicing the art of searching for the idea or story only you have thought of is really difficult. Searching for a new angle on an old theme is easier. Taking a simple plot to a higher plane is an accomplishment.

If nothing is ‘new under the sun,’ as the bible says, than we of the creative mind bank must find something not yet presented to the world. We at least must find a different twist or an unexpected element in all we write-a challenging task.


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