Book review- The Last Prospector-Song of Solstice Book #1

Cairn Rodrigues, author of the Last Prospector, has given us a tantalizing First Book of the Song of Solstice fantasy series. The subject is the world of Solstice and the search for an unknown treasure that should change their world once found. The Last Prospector is charged with this mission.

The Last Prospector brings to the reader an incredible world full of beauty and mystery. Solstice is a place like no other but, is created to still offer us a credible, believable place.

Cairn Rodrigues breathes life into strange and complex characters however, they still possess human qualities we all recognize. Their unique world makes them what they are according to their tier of society. While they couldn’t exist in another world and seem to only belong to the one created, they also exhibit fragile, human qualities that suggest they really could be the people you know that live next door.

The book explores a world where twin goddesses, Ylumya and Yniorga are at odds and warring is heating up. They influence and manipulate people much like game pieces.

A baby of a slave is born with power and significance not yet known or exploited, but very important in the scheme of things.

The last prospector Grayme Ceruleya, is almost a bigger than life hero who continues his mission to find a treasure. The problem is he does not know for what he searches and fears the destiny of his world once it is found.

This is Book One of the Song of Solstice Series and I for one cannot wait for the next installment. I highly recommend you explore this series.

Independently published in 2012, this book can be purchased through Amazon. ISBN numbers-10-1479135879 or ISBN -13-978-1479135875.


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