The only purpose of art is to make others feel!

 I am convinced and guess I always have been that arts reason for being is expression and expression is designed to emit feelings from you. It seems to make no difference as to the medium if art is good it makes one feel.

When I finish a book that leaves me teary, amazed or scared to death, I feel satisfied and even when I dislike the feeling, it is there and the artist created something so wonderful that it touched my soul.

The music that steals inside you and rearranges your perceptions is the result of artistic maneuvers. Your ears are not the only part of you that is reacting to the melodious sounds, but a deeper meaning is felt in your center, your very being.

Dance can have the same effect and be so breathtakingly beautiful that the fluid movements of the artist almost infuse your cells with happiness and lightness inside that makes you want to also move to the music.

Examining the feelings of a piece of art, a painting first impresses me with its color, the intensity, the brightness or the lack of color which usually depresses me. I cannot ever think about living in a world without color like those Road Warrior films, the apocalyptic disaster kind of movies. The world is so blah and color is almost as valuable as water or gasoline. Specific colors are known to emit certain feelings, but no matter which ones if they are bright or cheerful, intense or vivid, they make me feel more alive. ‘The blahs’ depress and make me feel sad and unhappy and hopeless.

A painting can delight with the true photo quality of the work as you wonder at the reality. The soft muted displays of impressionistic works amaze me at what you see both up close and far away. Not totally understanding why that is the case. But the lines used to create these masterpieces are sometimes startling and surprising as they look at first glance like they shouldn’t even work to portray that object.

The point is that all art makes us feel and if it doesn’t what good is it? As writers we should above all things make people feel something. Feeling something may result in doing something and an actual achievement. Feeling something may give someone happiness or hope or even assuage their grief. Writers are artists and feeling and experiencing art is the reason for its creation. Writers have a tremendous responsibility to create something with intense meaning to people and works for others to cherish.



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