Social media keeps writers connected to the real world

Writing can be a very lonely profession, but it almost needs to be in order to provide the correct environment for sustainable production. When you shut yourself away from people, even those you love to be close to, it helps your writing at that moment in time, but is it good for us to become so solitary? Don’t we need human connection to stimulate us and help us feel like we belong to the real world?

For me the best solution is to be active on social media networks like Facebook. In real life, I feel I have very few friends that are close enough to connect with daily. In my online life, I feel surrounded by people who care about me and also want to be part of my current situation. When people comment on your status it feels like they care. When they ask questions of you, it feels like real conversation and they are taking part in an event of some importance to you. Sometimes the advice they offer is golden. Other times a simple ‘like’ indicates a person who has thoughts much as you do or maybe just appreciates the thing you said and that makes us feel awesome.

Getting the news from social media at least alerts me to check more reliable sources and lets me know something important deserves my attention. If everyone is talking about it, I should also know about what happened.

When we post something it opens ourselves up to praise as well as criticism and forms yet another connection with your virtual friends. We feel like we have made a connection with like minds so it is okay to let yourself be vulnerable when this is what could result.
Even when we don’t connect with conversation, but enjoy a photo or joke it tends to produce some kind of emotion in us. We love or hate it, it makes us feel sad or angry; but, whatever it does it is possible to be helpful to us or at least make us feel alive and less alone. Social media is a valuable connection for those who spend solitary hours alone. We need to fell part of the bigger picture. We need to feel like we are with others without taking so much time away from our passion to actually be with others.

I in no way advocate never spending time with family and friends in real life. You must share your life with your loved ones, but those writing in earnest or trying to make a living from it or attempting a book need the type of dedication that eliminates many social encounters. Try to keep involved a little with social media so as to let you feel less lonely and deprived and more in tune with the world.


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