Today’s Reflections- what would be your perfect life? (longish post)

I’ve been reflecting on what makes life perfect and how different the answer would be for each person. The perfect life, obviously, must contain all the elements you consider vital to happiness. Some are already part of life and feel like blessings, others are future desires.So what are they?

For me, I cannot even fathom a life without my husband and soul mate of almost 50 years. Is he perfect? Only for me! Am I perfect? Hell no. But together, something evolves that is complete and meaningful. So my husband, Dan would always need to be part of my life for that life to be perfect; as would be my children, grandchildren, their spouses and other family members. We see each other less often than we should, but need to be together for recharging every now and then. No life could be perfect without them.

Friends are important, but the few good ones I’ve had are gone or distant. Yes, it is true that after years and years of separation, it is just like we never were apart and we pick up where last we stopped. Those distant friends while less vital than family can be very important in the scheme of things. They are a piece to the puzzle that is my perfect life.

I cannot begin to imagine a life without animals. Pets are really like family for us and so need to be part of our every day. Right now the pet population at our house includes a very large 7 year old male Lab/Great Dane mix and 3 cats of various colors and ages plus 1 foster dog that looks like she is going to stay.

My faith is as much part of me as any other single element. Even when not attending a church regularly, my prayer life and trying to please my God are my saving grace. I fail often so it is wonderful that my God never fails me.

Of course, every writer for their perfect life would add the ability to write no matter the genre or method is like the air we need to breathe. I have had a few days where I did not write and it keeps feeling like there is an empty space inside that needs filling up. This often happens, so now I will be very prolific for a few days or so.

No life for me would be perfect without books. If it came down to books or food, I would finally lose weight since I need to read daily and when I don’t, it seems like my day is rather dismal.

My perfect life would be filled with flowers and other grown things. I love to eat and cook so fresh garden produce I grow is a part of life I miss whenever I don’t garden for a season. My veggies are not always picture perfect, but they taste so good and are so healthy. Plus just being part of that miracle of growing is amazing. It is almost a spiritual experience.

In general, just nature, must be a part of my life. Though I get too few opportunities to enjoy it as I would, when I do it is like a communion with my Lord and Savior. One of my favorite pastimes is to fish, but life gets in the way and so we fish very seldom. But, if someone told me I could never do it again, I would be sorely unhappy.

My perfect life would have me surrounded by beauty and my home, garden and being would reflect its importance in my life. I like beautiful things, not necessarily costly things. I can delight in the perfect peach or the sunrise that steals your breath. Cars, furs, diamonds and clothes are not high on my wish list. However, beautifully presented food that looks as good as it tastes is expected in an ideal life. Fresh flowers, as often as possible, would be a big part of the perfect life.

My perfect life would include much travel as I have a curiosity about other cultures and places. My curiosity won’t die out. It is a longing that has been there forever. The world is so large and so varied that it seems extremely sad for anyone to just know a little part of it.
I would round out my perfect life with the more intangibles like imagination, creativity, ability to constantly learn and compassion for others. I would love to add patience to my new virtues as well as acceptance, but maybe that just goes too far.

I’m sure there are things I’ve missed, but the major needs and desires would be in this list and my life would seem perfect until human nature finds a way to corrupt it and start a new list in my mind.

How does your list compare with mine?



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