Do writers have a deep down compulsion to be in control?

As I gave this some thought I decided yes, I believe writers like to be in control. Why else would they have complete decision making responsibility of the world and characters they create?

Writers go to great lengths to create the ultimate world with every element just the way they want it. In recreating the world of today or yesterday, we have guidelines, but then our control comes into play as we try to be faithful and exact in our recreated world.

While helping our characters come to life, we must have them look as we think they should so the description cannot vary if we wish to control this part of the story. We control how they act and speak and move. We really are control freaks.

The dialogue is what we decide it should be and if the character goes off talking in a way of which we do not approve, we quickly bring them back to our reality. Once again, we insist upon our vision of what is just right. Such is our need for control.

The setting must take place in such and such an era in such and such a place. We really will not let that change. We must not lose control or who knows what will happen.

Do we control everything so adamantly in our writing since we rarely have this much control over our lives? Some of us feel pushed around or maybe just lost and drifting because life has a way of controlling us. We can’t control what happens to us in the everyday here and now so we are darn sure we will not relinquish any control in our writing. That may apply to editors, publishers and even well-meaning friends. Our work is sacrosanct and if you know what is good for you, you won’t change a thing.

Yes, I’m pretty sure that helpless feeling we get when we realize we are no longer in control of our life is too scary to risk it while writing so we hold on very tight to our control as if our very lives depended on it.

Did we ever stop to think if the control were gone and we were less rigid about what we have written, maybe , just maybe something new and wonderful might take its place? No, no, no! It is mine and I created it and I will know what is best for it. I, like a mom, will know what is best and best is just the way it is and you should just leave your cotton pickin hands off it. Oh yeah, writers are also stubborn.

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