Curiosity a most important trait for a writer

Most writers seem to have a healthy curiosity. We ask ourselves what if, how about or really? We examine and re-examine things to get a better understanding of whatever it is that has caught our interest at the moment. I believe this can change rapidly with writers in a very short time.

After taking one of those Facebook quizzes that define you in some way, I was told my main trait is curiosity. Well, I do love to try new things, meet different people and constantly learn something new. I guess that starts with a basic curiosity and a desire to experience all we can every day.

We can read things and then say that was great, but wouldn’t it have been interesting if the main character was a goat instead of a quiet female gardener or the plot included dragons or flying saucers? It is the same bizarre ideas that could be fruitful in one way or another. It may start you thinking about something totally unrelated that at one point could end up in a book. Your imagination, running wild as it should be, never to be fenced in or limited is the starting point.

If we let our minds run wild because our curiosity wants to know what if or how about, we open up new worlds that we have never visited before. I admire imagination, creativity and not only thinking out of the box, but thinking out of this world and maybe the next one. The results might be mind boggling resulting in an explosion of words, images and feelings that deserve our attention regardless of how strange or silly they might be to us.

This process of following your curiosity is much like the brainstorming one does to solve a problem. At first the answers seem ridiculous, but after examining them, they most likely have a bit of truth and credibility also. They may actually be worth something. Stimulation of the imagination and curiosity of the world we live in can lead to some wonderful ideas or if you’re like me more crazy thoughts born of the last ones.

Whatever we do, as writers, don’t ever shut that trait of curiosity down. Use it to explore feelings, people and what they are thinking. Explore whole new worlds with it, even if they just exist in your mind.


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