How to start what I want to write

Jessie needs a forever home.

Jessie,our foster dog, from All Breeds of Colorado Springs looking for a forever home. She has been in foster care for just 3 weeks and made great improvements, but still needs some work.A very sweet, loving dog.She is about 1 year old and has Australian Cattle Dog in the mix.

How to start what I want to write

My first instinct is to write things that I know and can accomplish. Usually I love a challenge, but I keep putting off trying fiction since I look at it as too hard. It is very easy to produce non-fiction informative articles or those that just express my opinion.

It is difficult to pit myself up against the millions of wonderful writers when I know I’ll come out lacking. I know that some of you have been writing fiction for as long, probably longer than I have been writing non-fiction which is a considerable time. I took off writing completely for a few years as I was busy dealing with painful health issues and just was in survival mode most of the time. I have written off and on since I was a teen and am now 67 years old. I recently returned and have been able to keep production up for the articles I use to learn writing skills, get followers and make a buck or two.

Every time I tell myself that now is the time to start fiction, I manufacture some kind of excuse to put it off. I can be quite a procrastinator when I wish to be. I find my focus is not good and ideas slip in and out of my brain like trains at a station.

When I try to go back and examine them for possible extension till they become something worth considering, I find excuses and tell myself that that idea is really crap and ask myself why I should waste time on it at all.

I could use advice in this area. Do writing prompts help you get started? Does reading other authors give you the most ideas? Where do you start and what is your most effective way to actually produce work? I could use comments if I ever can move on with this.

My blog is more about sharing questions with writers rather than giving advice all the time since much of it will be on a beginner’s level rather than an expert, which I never claim to be.


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