Colorado Springs Sunrise

Colorado has some of the most beautiful skies and I’ve been able to see more sunrises lately. Nature can be very inspiring for writers and also provide relaxation that enables one to think.Colorado Springs Sunrise

Nature Inspiring Writers

Nature can really inspire writers from the beauty of a sunrise to the wonder of animals.It presents us with an ever changing vista from which to draw creativity and strength, pleasure and relaxation.God has provided us with beauty to take our breath away in every natural setting and all a writer has to do is enjoy it and take something away from it.

Natural settings bring on an amazing peace that cannot help but be felt when we are surrounded by God’s creation.The wonder of it all is overwhelming as we try to describe colors for which we have no name.

Our curious nature, and I think all writers have that, is challenged to understand the things that are not understandable, but just accepted if you are a believer. We try to bend our mind so as to understand and we fail miserably because what we wish to know is divine. We are not supposed to know everything. We do not need to understand everything in order to be aware that this scheme of the Almighty is unbelievably beautiful.

We are left with just feelings that catch the heart in our throat or make us gasp at the serenity most of us need so badly in today’s world.The intricacy of a flower or the pattern of a spider’s web causes us to be astonished and at a loss for words. But that moment, the one filled with overflowing emotions, but no words, will pass and a writer will glean much from those impressions and feelings.The words will eventually come.The feelings and impressions may last a lifetime.

The natural world can seem cruel or cold to people, but the beauty of this innate and beautiful arrangement is beyond anything people could ever devise.The simple complexity is revealed to us and suddenly we know everything natural is as it should be at this time.

We can breathe in an aroma of a flower and be surprised at the perfect perfume it emits.The variety in nature astounds us. How could all these blooms each have their own individual scent? The colors, few exactly like another, the variety is endless. How can people see all this and still not believe?

It is no accident that the world is filled with beautiful sights that nourish our souls. We are fed with visions in the skies and our thirst quenched with lakes and streams.The songs of birds and calls of animals are sweet notes that make us smile.

The writer first must recognize the natural world outside in order to understand the inner world of man. They are connected, but one serves the other as example and hope.


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