Writing as therapy

There are so many reasons to write. To express your self is one of the most common. Making money for writers must be put far down on the list since it takes a long time to make any amount of the green stuff; unless you become famous and number one.

Another reason to write is it provides a person with therapy. It costs nothing, so the therapy bills don’t need to be considered. When you write private thoughts, they can remain private if you wish. It is the perfect therapist since nothing you write will shock you and if the plan is to share it with an audience; you only need to pick the right one.

Writing can be journaling or like keeping a diary. Some may be necessary to keep under lock and key depending on its topic. If your journal is personal and reveals your deepest thoughts, maybe it should not be considered ready for prime time and should not be shared. There are some things everyone once to keep a secret. Your secrets may be much different than mine, but we all have them.

Maybe your secret is a wish to commit a crime or be unfaithful, lock it up. It can cause you and others much harm and pain. Your therapy writing need not be made public, but it should be heartfelt and come from the depths of your soul to be effective.

Sometimes, our writing was never meant to be therapeutic but becomes so as it releases stress and anger, pain and grief from our bodies. It might be a piece you wrote that just expresses how you felt cheated or unimportant while growing up. Maybe what provides therapy is a character sketch that after some time creating it, you discover a family member you recognize in that sketch. Writing how that person really made you feel can be soul healing.

We have unexpressed feelings every day that can be so harmful to a person that they cannot function. While some strive to be politically correct, others just attempt to not be too blunt. Even writers keep something back when they think if written, they may have gone too far. Sometimes the answer is to go too far and write what we think, but other times we must weigh the risk of being completely truthful about our feelings.

If what we produce for content is harmful to anyone, should we be reluctant to use it and omit it from the piece we have written? Is it better to bare all the bones when writing or find a way to use the feelings without the real people or experiences? When we create, we should not destroy in the process, but what if the information, emotion or character is so compelling we cannot resist? Then what do we do? Did you ever need to wrestle with this question?


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