Emotions fuel writing

 Even when you’re unsure what to write and haven’t even decided on a topic, emotions play a role in the writing results. I believe emotions fuel writing. What is produced at the end of this creative session will be a direct result of your feelings at the time.

Passions run high in our lives. They cause us to feel certain ways and they can color everything we do at that time. You know, for example, if you are upset or have fought with a loved one and then go to work, it affects your mood and the resulting work and day. The wrong emotions could cost you your job; they affect a person so much. The same can happen when you write.

Emotions not only affect your mood and attitude but, they bring up a state of mine that might be conducive to writing certain things. Anger might produce a rant that is perfect for getting something else off your chest and that something else could be the main theme of your next project. The anger you feel could be the impetus for the scene you need to write when your heroine is betrayed. It might help you flesh out that character with a chip on his shoulder that is always mad every day.

You just met someone new and think he may be the one. You are thrilled, ecstatic and can’t believe just how much you love him already. Those emotions propel that love scene.  Suddenly it seems easier to create and more authentic feeling.

Following this love, a new heartbreak develops when he realizes he is less in love than you are and so the sadness motivates you to write with such passion. You mourn the cruelty of life and the fact that love sucks now. Your written word takes on a whole new color and attitude.

The joy of a wedding can spread to many people besides the ecstatic couple. Everyone has that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes to most of us with weddings and warm puppies. Joy is so hard to contain, the exuberance you feel must be shared. You cannot even pretend it does not exist. Your writing will have a bounce, a warmness and happy unadulterated joy that you cannot explain. Surely, there is a scene, a character or a story that needs such an emotion.

When you experience real grief it is a feeling so deep inside and almost unexplainable. You feel remorse and guilt for all you think you should’ve done. You suddenly feel an acute emptiness that makes you believe a large part of you is gone. There is the profound loneliness that comes even if you have not been together much recently. Grief torments your mind and touches your soul and can be all encompassing till you learn to deal with it. Closure or acceptance doesn’t come very quickly and most of us go through those seven stages of grief. Each stage is an opportunity to express those feelings that are eating you alive and possibly get some genuine words on the paper.

You may say during this experience, it is not the time to write. I differ with you; it is exactly the perfect time to write.

Don’t let those emotions go unfelt. Don’t try to mask them or rid yourself of the pain, write through it.




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