Writers should set goals

In order to be successful in any enterprise, you must monitor progress so you can adjust the way in which your proceed. In school, we are tested after being exposed to certain material to see what we learned, but not so in writing. Your only test comes after you have submitted your work and been rejected. Then, you are sure something went wrong. You realize maybe you need to learn more. It is said that writers learn to write by writing. So it follows that the more you write, the better you should become. It also seems prudent to set yourself some goals.

Since I write for at least 3 online places a week, including this blog, I try to set goals for the amount of articles I write each week. For this blog, I aim for five postings each week. That may change when I get more people and start to receive more comments. Hopefully, others will have ideas about what we could blog about.

Since I am the recent Colorado Springs Rescue Animal Examiner, I try to do between 5 and 7 articles for them every week. I am usually posting photos of dogs that need foster care or adoption so I figure since I am doing that I might as well add some text and do an article. This assignment also features interviews from time to time and reports about events so I need to also figure those sometimes must be timely and that could make my numbers of articles a week go up in some cases.

Helium is another place I write, more for exposure and practice. I usually manage to give them two to five articles a week as well. In the past I wrote for Helium and so there are about 350 articles of mine, total on that website.

I try to set my goals at a minimum of 3 articles or posts a day to reach this goal. I want to take on more so I may need to raise the numbers produced weekly. I have thought about the fact that I really want to write fiction and eventually a novel. That would certainly change my weekly goals as that would be my prime objective and more ambitious project. The responsibility I would impose on myself to finish a certain number of words or pages would change all my goals.

I’d be interested in finding out how other writers set their goals and how strict they are about enforcing those self set goals.

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