Writers -hope you took time to show love on Valentine’s Day

For writers every day is the same. They write, they rewrite, they edit, they create, they daydream ideas and work hard to produce. The dedicated ones seldom take time off to relax much less celebrate, but they should.

Think of all your family and loved ones put up with so you can write. They let you seclude yourself. They pretend they are not even in the same house. They keep the noise level down and the kids and dogs are learning to use their quiet voice. They may even monitor calls so as not to disturb you and interrupt your train of thought. They work hard to create the atmosphere that lets you work hard.

They probably do without your presence even when its important to them, like the date night with your spouse or the kid’s basketball game. They often don’t see you for many days and nights while you work on that novel. They even let you spend hours at the library or traveling for research and they don’t complain.

These are the folks that enable you to follow your heart and do what you want to do. Some wives or husbands may be working even harder because the income you once provided is now pretty hit or miss with this writing gig.

So today is Valentine’s Day- did you even know that? today is the day to celebrate love. It can be your lover, the love of your life and soul mate that you must remember. Your kids need love just as you do, so make sure they get some of your precious time today. Don’t ignore this need for them to know how important they are to you. I’m sure you probably do not show it as often as you should. How about your other family members who love you and show it all the time. They may get little of your attention and yet, they are so understanding. spend an extra couple minutes to text them or call them. don’t wait until it is too late to tell everyone your care for them.


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