The wonder of words

Words are capable of creating many moods and eliciting lots of emotions. For the writer, the right words mean everything. To express yourself correctly takes knowing words and their meanings. For the poet, there is no way to paint that picture without the exact, perfect word. Even for the reader, words are what we give them. We choose words to make ourselves explicitly clear. We choose words to create an atmosphere. We pick words that convey an exact meaning. The reader’s understanding  of the meaning we are trying to convey and their enjoyment depends on the right words. 

What are the right words? How do we decide? Where can we find them? How can we learn them? All these questions are ones writers should explore.

Writers and authors should have amazing vocabularies. They should know as many words as possible in order to pick the right one. Do you spend the time to build up your vocabulary? How do you learn new words?Anytime a person uses a long or difficult word in conversation today, they are made fun of or ribbed about it. So sometimes the written page is the only place you can use that word. If people make fun of those words in conversation, will they understand its meaning on the page?

To increase your vocabulary, as a writer or a reader you must see and learn words you do not usually use in everyday conversation. You can do this by stopping to look up a word you don’t know whenever it pops up in your reading. Then you can spend time writing that word in a sentence to see if you truly know what it means. Use that word at least a couple times a day for a week and it should be yours. Once it sticks with you, there will be many more opportunities to use it, especially in your writing.

Words like books are a pleasure to own. When you own lots of words you can browse through your mind much as you do your wardrobe to pick the perfect item. When you write a word down, use a Thesaurus to check to see if a better word is available. If a different word is closer to the idea you wish to express, choose that word.

It may be fun and serve some purpose to keep track of the word  or words you learn each day. Keeping a list of these words posted where you can constantly see them, will serve as a reminder to check the list when writing for a more appropriate word. New words, like new clothes are fun. See what fits you and your style. Words are like accessories for a writer and they must be used to enjoy them.


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