Writing across genres and types of writing

While the majority of my writing has been non-fiction articles and reporting for weeklies, my heart still wishes to produce fiction. My few attempts at fiction have been rather unremarkable. I am in need of guidance to get started and stimulation to come up with an exciting idea.

Many writers have crossed all the lines when writing and can produce a piece of work that holds its own in any genre or type of writing. I wonder if most new writers stick with what they know or are adventurous enough to try everything. My soul is adventurous but, the practical side constantly reminds me I don’t have the skills for that type of writing. I want them and I wish to expand my writing. Not only do I want to try those things but, I want to blur those lines in fact that keep me from crossing into unchartered territory. I don’t even want to be bound by genres or styles but combine them in ways that may be crazy or at least unorthodox. So how do you shut up that voice that says play it safe and just do what you know?

I guess there is contentment and satisfaction in just keeping the status quo since that offers safety and comfort. How do you find the nerve to stretch and challenge yourself to try what is new and somewhat scary to you?

For those writers and authors who can produce readable copy and fantastic stories of any genre or style without skipping a beat I commend you. That is a frightening prospect to a writer who always wrote the same types of things. Guess I need lots of encouragement.

Do most writers write the types of things they like to read? Do those that love poetry, write poetry? Do who-done-it fans write mysteries? Or can a writer even contain the ideas into such narrow categories? I wonder.

I guess I must just venture out and get my feet wet. Just force myself to move and push forward with ideas. Not worry so much about the quality and just make a start at it. I have constantly heard that no matter what else a writer does to advance his skill, they must write. That may be the perfect answer.

Please leave some helpful comments. They are so appreciated.


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