Reasons to visit some writing websites

Writing websites have a lot to offer. They will be useful to most of us learning to put pen to paper. Writing websites are great places to spend some time and interact with real people, a good thing for lonely writers. These websites provide a lot of exposure to other’s writing that may be helpful in enhancing your own skills. It can also be a place to submit your writing.

To me, the most significant thing they offer are writing exercises to get you started. The beginning, for me at least, is the hardest part of anything I compose. I can really get moving once the idea is formulated and the beginning starts to take shape.

If that part is hard for you also, try any of the writing exercises recommended. Some websites are better than others and offer more practical advice such as Writer’s Digest which offers writer’s prompts as well as articles in many genres and writing skill levels. There are editor blogs with helpful information for the would-be-writer. There also are writing groups, contest and other writing resources.

Another helpful writing website is Here you will find plenty to read and to do. There is an activity board where you can find out about auctions, raffles, other events or gatherings. They also feature the Gift Point System to show appreciation to others on the website. They are just like tokens, but virtual.

Many Internet websites offer exercises to help get a writer starter and to hone their skills. I like the exercises included on The Journal which focuses on journaling. Some exercises give you a trait and ask you to create a descriptive image of what that means to you. They may ask you to take notes of three things you see during the day and describing them. Maybe, the exercise might me writing about something in society that is wrong or mismanaged and how it could be fixed.There are just tons of possibilities for writing exercise and for websites to help the writer.

Do you have a favorite website? What exercise have helped you become a better writer?


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