Readers criteria for picking an author they always read

Readers are constantly faced with a unending selection of reading material. Especially since the Web has provided never ending places to read topics of every kind and an amazing array of fiction writing.Most of us read tons of stuff, but only some of it hits home. Not every author makes us feel, teaches us or provides entertainment. Sometimes after reading someone new, we decide that person has little to give us. Hopefully, we have read more than I example of that person’s writing since we all know every page we write is not golden.We may feel our time could be better spent with another author, one we know and trust.

When browsing our personal library, most of us have a couple of single books by an author. There are, however, shelves filled with books by the same author. What makes a person zero in on one author to the exclusion of many others.

We only have so much time to read and many of us prefer a sure thing. If we have read many books by this author and found them all terrific, that will be the first person we look at when picking another book. Some of us do  not want to gamble. We want to spend our money and time on something we are sure we will like.

What makes one author stand out from the zillions of other writers? as mentioned above, if an author consistently gives us entertaining fiction or informative articles or outstanding word pictures with their poetry, we want more.

If your author can weave a twisty mystery that surprises, astounds and shocks us, we want more. Those of us addicted to written crime love the plots, love the real interpretation of the evil that can exist in the world. We can lost in the world in which we would never dream of entering. We see crimes so heinous they take our breath away without experiencing the pain we feel when seeing it on the evening news.

The romantics like those authors who show them what real romance could be and what love should look like in the real world. The authors that can describe their exotic settings so that you feel you are a tourist there, have the greatest advantage. That adds more meat to a plot that may be thin and repetitive. The Vampire love stories have definitely added another element to what could have been a dying genre if it kept going in the same direction. Some romance writers still seem to be able to catch the imagination and keep readers glued to their seats and they are the ones the avid reader will not reject.

Classic authors have much appeal for many different types of readers, mainly because they have lasted through time. Their enduring message still resonates with modern folk as well as the first literary audience that discovered them. These authors, while sometimes forced upon young college students, have earned their right to be most read, best loved and never forgotten.

Your favorite author or authors may all be of the same genre, but many of us have too many interests to corral them into one genre. Our reading may run the gamut of possibilities and be across the board when it comes to choosing well – loved authors.

Picking an author is pretty easy. You read an author and love them. You read more works by that same author and are hooked. Then you read everything an author has written and if they’re are alive you cannot wait till the next novel is out.

Today’s question, “Who is your favorite author, writer or poet and why?”


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