Writing conditions to create

When I write I prefer total quiet or soft sounds like calming background music or sounds of nature outside my window. I am easily distracted by anything from the sounds of a new message coming in on my phone to our dog barking at sounds only he hears.

I hate interruptions and even fell annoyed when it is time to start dinner and feed everyone. When I finally get the time to write, I want to write. When the ideas and process seem to be holding hands, don’t bother me.

If the conditions for me are a go, I want to move. If words are coming and sentences seem to flow together like a cohesive unit, I want to follow it through till the road ends and my daily journey is over. I hate to be disturbed and even though I am aware every thing I put down on paper is not a gem, I want the process to take place. I want something to look at and evaluate. I want to see work produced and progress reached. Blank pages are not inspiring, so please let me finish or at least continue.

Of course like all writers I have heard about the important authors and some of their methods for writing. Standing up and not being comfortable does not relax me so then I don’t think as well. My bad back requires support and moving quite often in between bouts of writing and that is a necessity not a quirk.

Everyone obviously does not need such stringent conditions to produce words. Some seem to be always writing and anywhere will do. Although my mind may be stirring up an idea at any time, it requires a set of the right circumstances for me to be at all productive.

I suppose, like sports celebrities, some writers may need to be wearing their lucky socks or use their special purple pen. They may need a room with walls filled with inspirational sayings. Maybe their lair has famous quotes from well-known authors. Some of us just surround ourselves with favorite possessions, collections or photos of our grandkids.

Does any of this help us write better? Probably not. But if a person feels comfortable they may write more easily. Thoughts may not be limited since they feel the freedom and ease of being in the place they enjoy without worrying about anything. Taking stress away from any situation makes for a more productive work environment.

If you only write well when the technical part of the writing process is working, that says something about the conditions you may need. For me if the computer, software or websites have technical problems it drives me to distraction. If it cannot be resolved quickly I resort to pen and paper to keep moving because standing still is detestable to me when I want to write.

It may not help you write better to be in a room with the proper temperature or a comfortable chair, but it is a requirement for many of us. Every worker has his work tools and procedures that work best for them. Whether sensible or quirky, it really shouldn’t matter. If it puts you in the right frame of mind to do what you set out to do, it should be treated as important.
Do you have any quirky or unusual writing conditions you must meet before you can produce anything on paper?


2 thoughts on “Writing conditions to create

  1. I’m just the same way! I start writing and then OOOH SHINEY!!! By the time I get my mind back to what I was writing I have no idea what I was doing. That’s why I like to listen to classical music when I write. It drowns out all of the extraneous noise and I can concentrate.


  2. It seems hard to produce the ‘write’ conditions to be creative. My mind too drifts as I deal with other problems. When it is so difficult to get anything worth pursuing in my mind, I hate to lose it. So the key appears to be to drown out everything outside your little writing cave, without being so unaware the house could burn down. I’ll work on that. Thanks, appreciate your comment.


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