Making time to write! How much time is enough?

Since I am just recently getting back to writing after a period away of a couple years, I need to re-acquaint myself with the writing life. I need to decide for myself, how much time I am able to devote to this and where that time will come from each day.

The writing I do at present is just to learn to write better and hopefully to produce an occasional dollar to justify myself .

Although technically retired, my days still involve the need to do some things around the house and for my family. Though my days can be as unstructured as I wish, my goals do include completing certain tasks and engaging in certain writing projects (mostly for online websites and non-fiction articles) at this point in time. But my desire is to actually start to write some fiction. Right now no specific ideas or projects have come to mind. In short, I am having trouble just getting started. I do enjoy those writing prompts on some writing websites, but must confess I have not yet tried them.

I read of writers who seem to be able to produce quite a bit of writing and still have ‘a life.’ Others seem to devote themselves to writing in a way that does not allow them to have a family or social existence and I am not sure if I could do that. Years ago, I devoted a year to writing a non- fiction book which I never got published. It was almost a companion to the business and field my husband and I were working in at that time. I disciplined myself to write no less than 6 days a week and most days probably put in a good six hours. Of course each day also involved lots of editing and rewriting as part of the six hours I spent on that project. Obviously, I am not a writer who can spit out a new novel or additional book of any kind in six or eight months.

I do know from experience that once I get started and I am truly inspired to write, I can produce a great deal in a short time knowing fully well that most may be garbage and take lots of editing and rewriting and ruthlessly cutting out the stuff I am most fond of in that section. I hope this is a good thing and the proper way to proceed as I have less faith in what I do as I get older. I have none of the cockiness that seems to accompany all those young people.

Anyone who reads this blog and can offer advice in the comment section will be greatly appreciated. Some days I think I have something important to say while other days I wonder who ever told me this is a good plan of action for me and that I will eventually produce something of merit. Any suggestions or help is looked forward to because absolutely everyone that writes probably knows more than I do.

So the questions at hand are,  “How much do successful writers write daily? How much of a life do they allow themselves? And how do you get started when you are unsure what you want to write?”


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